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Special edition currently published in English

On the Hummus Route 


A Palestinian, a Lebanese, and an Israeli walk into a bar... This is not the beginning of a joke. It is the start of a true story, about how we met in a Parisian bar and set out on a utopian journey between cities, people, and dreams. 

Traveling the streets and alleyways of nine Middle Eastern hummus hubs, from Cairo all the way to Damascus via Gaza, Jaffa, Tel Aviv, Nazareth, Jerusalem, Acre, and Beirut, we explored how the chickpea has sustained a synthesis of influences that transcend place and time.

Our hummus routeculminated in this cookbook, which is a collection of recipes, stories, essays, street photography, imagery, and much more, brought to you by people who love chickpeas and, like us, see it as the seed of a brighter future.

This book is a unique collaboration involving prominent figures in the world of cuisine, joined by academics, photographers, and creatives. It speaks volumes about dipping into the language of food, and savoring the flavors of friendship and shared destiny.


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דמי המשלוח הינם 35 שקלים לחבילה, עד 2 ספרים, לכל חלקי הארץ עד לבית הלקוח.
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